The story so far...

     While his voice so far has only been heard in small circles around the northeastern portion of the United States, Fletcher Daniel has been chasing the title “A Songwriter for the People” for a little over three years with no indication that he will reach the end of the line anytime soon.

     With a classic folk sound brought to a new generation, Fletcher writes songs of hardships, heartbreak, love, and loss with lyrical twists throughout every line in each song. He has been known to be a lighthearted comic on stage often saying, “now I’m not gonna go on a socio-political rant” and then immediately going on a socio-political rant. 

     In early 2022, Fletcher recorded and released his first single “Lizzy’s Song” in a bedroom at his parent’s house near Buffalo, New York. While the mix of the track came out in a very amateur fashion, he was hooked on the idea that he had music that people could listen to whenever they wanted. Recording more and more tracks became a sense of pride, and he later followed up “Lizzy’s Song” with his second single release “Northbound” in July of 2022 and his third single release “In the Back of My Mind” in November of ’22.

     He then took a brief hiatus to learn more about music engineering and music marketing. This is where his mentor Redd Daugherty (lead vocalist for Redd and the Paper Flowers) recommended working with Jonathan and Frederick Kelly of Famous London Records in Knoxville Tennessee. It was here that Fletcher would work on the tracks in his home studio and then send them to Famous London for mixing. “I Could Fall in Love Right Now” (released in July of 2023) and fan favorite “Where the River Breaks” (released in November of 2023) were both mixed and mastered at Famous London Studios.